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Who Are Your People

August 18, 2021​​

“We rise by lifting others”  -Robert Ingersoll

All too often, the twists and turns brought on by transition can leave us feeling isolated and alone.  Sometimes we stop showing up in the same ways we had before because we just don’t have the capacity.  And sometimes, others stop showing up because they simply aren’t sure what to do or say. 

While relationships can feel messier during transition, we need the support of others more than ever.  We need people who will stick with us regardless of the challenge we face, people that will listen to us process our questions and also challenge us to move forward, people that sit with us in the depths and pick us up when we fall down.  These people help us bridge the gap between where we’ve been and where it is we’re going.  

Do you know who those people are in your life – professionally and personally?  We encourage you to take some time to reflect and write down the names of these people so that when you are in the throws of a transition, you can pull out your list and remind yourself to access the support around you.                        

Navigating alongside you,       

A Story of Transition

Anne Harbison and JourneyLEAD

“I bought Kitchens by Design in 2007 with the intent of running an existing business that already had designers and current clients.  My background is actually in accounting and business management.  After 6 months of dabbling in countertop projects and smaller jobs, I began to fall in love with designing kitchens and bathrooms.  So, I went back to school to get a degree in design.  At that time, I was not only running the business and doing design, I was also raising 4 children.  Owning your own business is like having another child, it’s always on your mind 24/7. 

As I juggled more and changed my focus, aspects of the business went by the wayside.  Our methods become inefficient, we were manually entering transactions and sometimes entering them twice.  We engaged Spero to help us implement new systems that got us caught up.  Now I can stay focused on running design jobs, managing the business, and supporting my employees.

In 2020, our business unexpectedly grew almost 50%.  Because of all the plans and structure that had been implemented and set in place, we were able to hire more designers and take on the jobs necessary to expand.  We are having our best year of business yet.” 


Kitchens by Design offers complete kitchen and bath design remodeling services for homeowners, contractors, and designers in the Twin Cities area.  We will work closely with you during the entire project.  We provide design services, project management, contractor and subcontractor services, licensing and permits.  We will partner with you on your kitchen and bath remodel on whatever level you require from simply creating a kitchen or bath design to taking on the full remodel project.” 

Things We’re Reading, Listening To, and Learning From:

New to Spero?

Welcome – we’re glad you’re here! Our mission is to provide hope in your transitions while leading you toward your desired organizational goals – creating space for you to thrive. We work with both small businesses/organizations and families providing services that include, but are not limited to:

    • Advocacy
    • Financial systems development and support
    • Personal organization
    • Project Management
    • Strategy and process development
    • Transition coaching and support
    • And more….