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Introducing – Stories of Transition

March 10, 2021​​

We have the privilege of walking alongside incredible people as they navigate their stories of transition each and every day.  As our clients face transitions of growth, loss, or change in direction we get to be a part of the highs and lows each stage brings.  

We are continuously in awe of the courage and resilience displayed as people navigate the process of transition.  We want to celebrate their journeys.  Each month, we will highlight “A Story of Transition” that can be found below.  Our clients inspire us, and we hope their stories will inspire you as well!

Navigating alongside you,         

A Story of Transition

Over the past several years, we have been experiencing rapid growth as an organization. When you grow quickly in senior living, you utilize human resources up front, without additional revenue. Because of this, individual workloads increase, and the organization became less efficient at managing projects related to the organization’s growth. We had a lack of common understanding on how we would achieve our goals.

We were experiencing issues with people being over capacity and not having clear direction on how to accomplish larger multi-department goals.  This drove us to desire more organization in our project roll out and management.

This is when we decided to move toward a formal project management structure.  Spero helped us organize our processes, develop a structure to engage and evaluate projects, train the PMO staff, and implement Project Management software. 

Through this process and work together, an organizational method was established that allowed us to open 4 buildings in 6 months, 2 prior to the pandemic and 2 after the start of the pandemic. We successfully accomplished our goals because we all agreed, as colleagues, to live by a set of pre-determined roles and structure. We still have work to do, but I think this experience has wide sweeping benefits in how we work together in all aspects of our jobs.

Walker Methodist is a faith-based nonprofit senior living organization that’s been serving older adults since 1945. They provide housing, healthcare, rehabilitation, and services to seniors and the people who support them.  With 20 locations in 13 cities specialized to suit individual needs, Walker Methodist has an ideal, professionally staffed community that will quickly feel like “home.” 

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