An Unprecedented Transition

March 18, 2020 

COVID-19 is bringing an unprecedented WORLDWIDE transition. Our everyday realities have significantly changed, and it feels hard. As we face the unknown of COVID-19, there are many ways we can be together in this. Our togetherness (at a physical distance) will be what sees us through. So much of H20’s daily practice with clients – applies to ALL of us now! Below you will find a few small tips for all of us to keep in mind as we navigate our COVID-19 transition.

Tips for Families

1. Make a daily plan. Develop a structured schedule for your day. In times of chaos it can be hard to stay focused. Creating a plan for your day can help keep you moving forward despite the chaos around you. If you don’t stick to the plan one day – that’s ok – you’ve got tomorrow to try again.

2. Create connections. We need one another during these times – just like any transition. Find ways to connect with your community consistently. Play charades with cousins over FaceTime. Call Grandparents. Enjoy virtual happy hour with friends over Zoom. And – ask for help when you need it. 

3. Find opportunities for self care each day. There is so much out of our control right now. Finding ways to take care of yourself makes you better equipped to care for your loved ones. Take a walk. Find ways to fuel your body well. Look for free online exercise courses.

4. Look for opportunities to express gratitude each day. It has been proven that focusing on gratitude, diminishes anxiety and opens opportunities to experience joy. Even now, find ways to look for things – big or small – that bring some positivity to each day.

5. Take things one day at a time.

Tips for Small Business

1. Exhibit leadership. Providing leadership and guidance in your business is especially important in stressful times, and we think we can call these times stressful. Bring confidence to your clients and team by displaying authentic leadership. None of us have the answers right now, but we can certainly work toward finding solutions together.

2. Find creative ways to connect with your clients and team. Most of us find ourselves working from our new makeshift “home offices”. Have you tried connecting with clients over Zoom, Google HangOuts, Conference Call, Facetime? Stay connected utilizing these tools – and have some fun together!

3. Connect with clients. Maintain a strong and positive communication channel with your customers. Be honest and reassuring about the steps you are taking to continue meeting their needs safely.

4. Set goals that can be adjusted as needed. You might be saying “Goals?! My only goal is to make it through this day!” And we are right there with you! But, as we adjust to this “new normal” start to develop some basic goals to focus on during this time of transition. Be flexible to adjust your goals as the realities of the COVID-19 play out over time. Continuing stepping forward, one step at a time.

5. Take things one day at a time.

*** If you are struggling or feeling isolated – we are here. As with any transition, we’re in this with you. Contact us if we can help. ***