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12:30 - 4:30pm

This engaging and interactive family workshop that will bring your family together around the definition of your family’s mission and values.  Together, through a combination of facilitated family discussion, group movement, and creative expression your family will create a mission statement that reflects your values, purpose and goals for the way you engage with one another, the community, and the world.  By the end of this workshop, your family will experience connection, a sense of belonging and unity around what’s important to every member of the family, providing space for every member to feel valued and understood.

    This workshop is designed for family participation.  Best for children ages 8 and up.  If you are a family with children under age 8, you are welcome to participate, but may consider doing so without your children present.



    Session 1:  The Power in a Family with a Mission

    Session 2:  Movement with the I Am Initiative

    Session 3:  What Do We Value

    Session 4:  Getting Creative with 

    Session 5:  Defining Our Statement




    2909 S Wayzata Blvd

    Minneapolis, MN 55405