“We have a notion, I think a very erroneous notion, that we have arrived at an age where we are exempted from crisis, that we’re going to be able to control these things. Every generation typically has a significant crisis that causes a reordering of our social institutions. And this may be ours.” – Cecily Sommers

Exactly 3 years ago, our lives changed forever on a global scale, with the onset of COVID.  We had no way of anticipating what was ahead.  Here we are in 2023, changed, working toward reset due to the massive transition we collectively faced these past 3 years. At Spero we live in, navigate, and research the ebb and flow of personal, business, and societal transitions. While the personal and business can be acute, specific, and tactical, the broader conversation about where our society is in relation to societal norms, values, and change is not to be overlooked. These larger picture elements have a huge impact on how we operate in the world. Unless we pause to consider them and evolve, many of us may feel left behind or unsettled, not quite able to pinpoint why.

We believe that now is as good of a time as ever, to pause, reflect, and reset. Since the onset of the pandemic, we’ve seen society operate in reactionary mode. Reacting to things mostly out of our control and continuing to experience the fallout of needing to rely on systems and personal foundations that may have been shaky. Hesitant to embrace an “all-clear” post Covid, we treaded lightly into past norms at the two-year mark Spring 2022. We may have exhaled and took a hard look at the outcomes, wondering what it all meant and would eventually mean.

Relationships changed, divorce skyrocketed, teens missed their adolescent socially formative years and suffered through technology and disconnection, many facing immense mental and physical health issues as a result. By fall of 2022, the notion of a positive reset seemed to be timely. It allowed enough time to process – just a bit – what two pandemic years meant to us. Resilience kicked in as we began to understand impact and shape what we planned to take forward in our lives.

It all makes perfect sense historically speaking. When looking at The Process of Transition as seen below(graphic) (ending, neutral zone, new beginning), you can begin to see our journey over these recent years. We’ve watched our clients experience the discomfort of unexpected change.  And, we’ve been able to encourage them in the reality that change is cyclical, and it’s happened before.   Having this understanding provides a sense of freedom in knowing we’re not alone.

As we watch society edge out of the neutral zone into new beginnings early in 2023, there are personal and family resets that finally feel timely. At Spero, we help people embrace the reset with a roadmap, so it feels less daunting.

History’s outcomes can teach us about the future.  At this moment in time, so much has changed.  The human experience of work, family and lifestyle has changed dramatically. As we edge out of the neutral zone we will redefine, reframe, and renew our visionary direction and purpose building momentum for positive growth.

***At Spero, we’re here for the reset and ready to support you and your family and/or business. Join us in early October for our Family Forward workshop where we work together to give you context, a roadmap, and engaging interactive activities to create a value-centric way in which your family engages with and contributes to their communities.  More information will be released in the upcoming months.***